In this disrupted era, the Presilience® Approach is about more than just finding innovative ways to avoid past mistakes… It’s about focusing on the people who are managing and responding to opportunities and threats. It’s about enhancing their inherent skills and capabilities to be adaptable, flexible and agile in response. And then building the systems to support them as opposed to making them fit into the system.

Organisational Presilience
Organisational Presilience®:
be VUCA ready

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

It is of vital importance that you future-proof yourself, your staff and your business against unforeseen dramatic economic changes or disasters (such as bushfires and pandemics), which can have severe and extreme adverse effects on business – whether directly or indirectly.

Personal Presilience®: Future Proof Yourself

Presilience® is not about process - it’s about the ongoing application of the skills needed to more effectively respond to uncertainty, whether opportunity, crisis, incident or emergency. It is underpinned and led by strong situational awareness.


Our passion is in creating true robust cultural change and providing meaningful solutions that positively impact you, your staff and your entire organisation.

Organisational Presilience
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Our Presilience® podcast dives into these and other topical and related issues and is hosted by Presilience® Practitioner Joe Saunders featuring interviews with various leaders in risk and business including Dr Gav Schneider, Dr Paul Johnston, Dr Richard Diston, Janine Mahoney, John Brennan and more.

For organisations

Learn more about Presilience® for organisations.

For individuals

Learn more about Presilience® for individuals and practitioners.



Presilience® in Leadership focuses on building agile and embodied leaders who proactively adapt strategies to fit an ever-changing landscape.

High Performance

Presilience® is much more than simply being reliable and ensuring business continuity. It’s about High Performance and outcomes that make us better than we were before.

Risk & Enhanced Decision Making

Presilience® is not confined by process – it’s embodied through the ongoing and dynamic application of the skills needed to more effectively respond to risk.


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