What is Presilience®?


The concept of Presilience® was first coined by Dr Gavriel Schneider after several years of post-graduate research into the psychology of risk, along with his own post-doctoral studies. Presilience® is a portmanteau of Proactive Resilience, with the main emphasis being on a shift away from reactive compliance and recovery, and into the fully actualised state of Presilience®.


We need a focus on new skills for the new norm. The skills, tactics and strategies that were successful in the first, second and third industrial revolutions are rapidly becoming outdated, inefficient or downright ineffective in our modern fourth industrial revolution world.

There is no doubt that the world we live in is VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). We need a new approach to business strategy and risk management that creates a default setting enabling staff and leaders to thrive in new normal conditions. This approach is called Presilience®.

Recent unprecedented bushfires in Australia, the spread of the coronavirus, and the increased frequency and scale of climate related incidents, make it evident that a major and lasting change is occurring. The global stock market meltdown triggered by the spread of coronavirus is yet another significant happening reinforces the view that we need to be able to respond better in the future to unforeseen events.

The new Presilience® approach shifts focus away from an emphasis on planning, procedures, systems and recovery, which are essentially established to avoid the mistakes of the past.

The new focus is on our people and having smart agile systems. Presilience® is about enhancing inherent skills and capabilities to be adaptable, flexible and agile, whilst building the systems to support our people, as opposed to making our people fit into the system – which may not be fit-for-purpose, when managing the opportunities and threats that risk brings.

The Maturity Journey from Compliance to Presilience®

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