Organisational Presilience
Presilience® for Organisations

Is your team VUCA ready?

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

Problems Solved


It is of vital importance that you future-proof yourself, your staff and your business against unforeseen dramatic economic changes or disasters (such as bushfires and pandemics), which can have severe and extreme adverse effects on business – whether directly or indirectly.

Develop staff agility and performance

Assess vulnerabilities and proactively learn how to address them

Assess capacity for disruption

Understand how to plan for complexity

Build skills to manage uncertainty

Responding quickly when opportunity or threats manifest

Improve business and staff resilience

Identify opportunities for innovation and systems improvement

The Risk 2 Solution Difference



Risk 2 Solution are the creators of the Presilience® approach – a unique approach to developing proactive resilience linked with high performance outputs and leadership capability – all supported by agile and adaptable systems and technology solutions.


Presilience® leverages our collection of expertise to help your business to better plan, prepare, respond, and recover from unexpected business crises & events such as COVID-19, and minimize impact on your business and your customers.


Presilience® is the problem-solving approach to thrive in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world that is the new normal!


This approach is especially relevant and important when unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic arise.