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Presilience® is not confined by process – it’s embodied through the ongoing and dynamic application of the skills needed to more effectively respond to risk.

In our modern world, risk management has too often been tightly coupled with compliance. The idea being that as long as the right boxes are ticked, we have adequately managed our risk. Any good risk professional knows this is not the case.

Just in the Australian context, we have seen demonstrable evidence of the failure of compliance-driven risk models: The Banking Royal Commission, the impact of drought on our farming communities, catastrophic bushfires, COVID-19, and now significant economic impacts in the fallout.


Compliance is driven by a lowest-common denominator approach, which predictably lacks both insight and foresight.


Resilience is focussed entirely on hindsight and the ability to bounce back from things that have happened to us in the past.


Presilience® is a forward-thinking approach to risk that takes the focus off of policy and procedure and onto empowered people, equipped with enhanced decision-making abilities.